e-OLEO is a website for MPOB licensees to register their oleochemical export contracts and declaration of its quality (MPOB Q1) with MPOB from anywhere at anytime 24 hours a day. e-OLEO is user-friendly and helps to facilitate the exporters in submitting their Monthly Contract Registration promptly to MPOB not later than 7th of the following month and Declaration of Quality for export not later than two days before the date of commencement of loading/shipment. All information submitted is confidential and secured.
For enquiries, please contact the following officers :
Registration of Contract (e-OLEO)
M. Ayatollah Khomeini 03-78022927 email: ayat@mpob.gov.my
Mohd Izwan Shah B Md Isa 03-78022929 email: mohd.izwan@mpob.gov.my
Declaration of Quality  For Export (MPOB Q1)
Siti Fatimatu Zahara Ismail 03-7802 2974 email: fatimatu@mpob.gov.my

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